CV Dr. Paul Rombach, LL.M.

Born 1964

married, four children

studies of law and national economics at the universities of Saarbrucken, Geneva, Freiburg and Miami

teaching assistant at the legal department of the university of Freiburg

award of doctor´s degree at the university of Freiburg

1995 – 1997 lawyer at the law firm Hengeler Mueller Weitzler Wirtz in Düsseldorf

1998 – 1999 notary candidate in Aachen

1999 – 2002 notary candidate and consultant for corporate law at the German Notaries´ Institute

2 March 2002 appointment as notary in Düsseldorf

foreign languages: English, French, Spanish


Dr. Paul Rombach, LL.M.
Dr. Claudie Rombach
Königsallee 70
40212 Düsseldorf


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